Rules-based Printing

Copy Products, Inc. can help you business's efficiency through rules-based printing.

One of the biggest changes a company can make to be more profitable is identify where waste and inefficiencies occur. Unfortunately, many areas produce company waste, with bad printing habits being at the forefront. While it may not seem like a lot of money and excess, bad printing habits can build over time and subtly drain the coffers.

Rules-based printing is designed to curb unnecessary printing in the office by implementing certain rules before a document is sent to print. This works to make staff and personnel more accountable for office printing. The print environment of a company is an important and necessary component of conducting business. Ensuring efficiency will help boost the bottom line and make companies more profitable in the long run.

Features of Rules-based Printing Include:

  • Print only those jobs that are necessary
  • Cut costs associated with bad printing habits
  • Save paper and reduce waste in the office
  • Train staff to be more efficient with printing behavior
  • Structure a better printing environment for the entire company

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