Scanning still has too many steps. Is there anything I can do to address this?

Yes, certain brands offer additional ways to eliminate steps.

  • Toshiba: Start by creating a template to scan to self. This will create a hot key under Template è public template group, and can be accessed from that point on. To simplify even further, select [MENU], go to registration and select your template to make a one-click shortcut repository.
  • Samsung: Select your desired settings to scan. Use the 3 dot drop-down on the top right. Save to Favorite Program and add to Home screen.
How do I find the counter on my copier?

This depends on brand.

  • Toshiba: Select counter hard key
  • Samsung: Job Status
  • Konica: Utility è Meter
How do I make a quick copy or scan on my new Samsung?

Add on one of the handy widgets for quick copy, scan and fax! For advanced features, jump into the copy or send apps.

Why does my newly-installed printer default to duplex/color printing?

New federal regulations require certain models to be ecofriendly by defaulting to duplex printing. Easy ways to change defaults is under Printers and Devices. Right click the desired driver with your mouse, select Printing Preference, and make any desired changes. Be sure apply changes made before closing out. The next time you print, those preferences will be your new defaults.

We have several people printing to our copier. Jobs are getting mixed together and thrown away. How do we hold jobs for release upon walkup?

This depends on brand.

When selecting print preferences, use the drop down at the top of the page to select…

  • Toshiba: Private or Hold
  • Samsung: Confidential or Hold
I am trying, and failing, to copy a smaller-than-normal document. Why won’t the machine copy?

New multifunction devices have auto paper selections capabilities; if the machine doesn’t recognize the source, it will ask for specific media type.

We print on color/letterhead paper. How do keep erroneous print/copies from pulling from that drawer?

All machines have the ability to specify certain drawers for particular use, making them only accessible by selection.

Our paper won’t pull from our copier’s large bottom drawer on our copier. Why?

If your machine is a Toshiba, the Toshiba Large capacity trays have a finger sensor that sits between the paper, separating the two stacks. If the paper is pressing on the finger, it will prevent from paper pulling out of the bottom tray.

I noticed I was billed a Property Tax amount. We are a not-for-profit organization; why do I have to pay property tax?

Even though your organization is tax exempt, the lease company is not. You are reimbursing them for the property tax that they have to pay for your machine.

How do I print Banner Paper?

Many of the Toshiba Color MFPs have the ability to print on banner paper. Select Print on Banner Paper (12×47 or 12×40) – Toshiba MFP.

This paper can come in many lengths but the most common is 12 x 40. Banner paper is also available in tear/water resistant paper called Aqua Ace.

  1. Setup Print Driver for Paper Size
  2. Select Printing Preferences
  3. Switch to the Others Tab and click on Custom Paper Size
  4. Create your document
  5. Print your document by putting the Banner Paper on the Bypass and guiding it thru the print process. It will exit thru the upper exit tray.
Does my MFP keep track of Copies and Prints?

Yes. All Toshiba, Konica Minolta and Samsung Products have user codes that can be used from walkup or thru the print controller.

There is also Software such as PAPERCUT that will allow for detailed reports and access.