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Features of Interactive Whiteboards

  • Built-in interactive whiteboard software
  • Anti-Glare
  • Touch screen that allows for up to 10-point touch and drawing capabilities, with a palm eraser tool
  • Wireless screen mirroring via android or windows
  • Easy File management from storing and retrieving directly on the IWB memory to sharing with email, network clients or USB
  • Bright display for playback in lighted rooms for vivid images, videos, pdfs, .doc and .ppt files.
  • Interactive Touch Screen

Transform your Classroom or Meeting Space

Using an Interactive Whiteboard can transform your classroom or meeting space into a versatile and collaborative environment. These innovative and exciting devices are convenient, and capture attention more effectively than books, print outs or traditional whiteboards.

interactive board

Teachers or presenters can utilize the Interactive White Board (IWB) as an aide in demonstrations by uploading documents or plans straight to the IWB, without need for additional devices. After the documents are uploaded, users are able to collaborate by marking or commenting on the IWB.

Teachers can make the classroom more exciting by creating dynamic, interactive lesson plans with the IWB in mind. To make it easier, they can also utilize stored class plans for recalling. Either way, these types of plans can really help students engage in class. Students will enjoy actively participating by answering questions directly on the Interactive White Board with their fingers. Chromebooks have made an impact in the classroom and with the IWB students can collaborated like never before.

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