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The process that a member of your staff goes through to complete an assigned task or job is your workflow. The goal is to have efficent workflow, free of redundancies. In order to do this, companies need to invest a good amount of time figuring out the best course of action for a specific task. CPI Technologies can provide the tools and solutions to help make your workflow more efficient, based on your company’s needs and pace.

There are plenty of document management software solutions that contribute to a great workflow. This helps with document storage, retrieval, routing, and ensuring documents are secure. When examining workflow, begin with how information and documents move through your office. This provides the best insight as to where there is room for improvement and how well you are able to apply CPI’s document management solutions to better your business.


Whether you are need of scanning documents directly to your system or directly to an email address, scanning is a vital part of turning physical documents into digital files.

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Given the fact that your company most likely houses a lot of different documents for as many different purposes, having them organized is a must for building an efficient workflow.

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The way you process documents into your system is an important part of making sure they end up in the right place at the right time. Document capture is a necessary component of turning your documents into digital files for further use.

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Once a document is scanned into your system, you’ll need to tell it where to go. Document routing is a great way to get documents in the hands of the people that need to see them right away.

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