Cost Recovery

Copy Products, Inc. provides state of the art software solutions that help recover cost.

There are many ways companies attempt to become more cost effective. With the help of software solutions, a business can find itself on the right track to profitability in no time. Cost recovery software is centered on making sure businesses get the most out of their business solutions. Tracking company expenses can sometimes be difficult and convoluted. With the cost recovery software, is easier to capture and bill accurately for every applicable client related expense.

Cost recovery software makes simplifies entering data and recouping costs associated with certain clients. This way, every expense is tracked from the correct company. While ensuring accurate accounting, cost recovery also streamlines your accounting functions, making the billing cycle easier. Forget entering data manually; cost recovery software recognizes certain paths and fills out the blanks for you.

Features of Cost Recovery Software Include:

  • Automatically track client expenses
  • Easily record important client information for every service
  • Implement internal guidelines that reduce the need for manual entry
  • Accurately bill clients for applicable expenses

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