Document Routing

The direct delivery of documents and information is key to realizing optimal efficiency. While document management mainly involves the storage and retrieval of documents, document routing specifically involves the delivery of those documents. Document routing is essential in boosting the efficiency in workflow as it eliminates unnecessary steps in certain processes. Instead of scanning a document into a file, then emailing that file, document routing makes it easy to directly email the file to its destination.

Document routing also comes in handy when certain members of the team need to see documents in a specific order. If a document needs to go to a manager for approval, a routing system can be automated to send the file directly to that manager, thus eliminating additional steps and waste. This can be accomplished through an automated chain, making a particular business process more efficient.

Benefits of Document Routing Include:

  • Increased efficiency in company communication and workflow
  • Better control over document life cycle management
  • Provides consistency in business processes
  • Streamlines communication behavior of an office
  • Helps improve the quality of documents
  • Make sure your office workflow is running as efficiently as possible with the help of document routing.

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