Scanning is the first step in getting your physical documents into your document management system. This turns documents into digital files that can be store, routed, or whatever works best for your company. There are endless possibilities when it comes to scanning documents, providing an assortment of options to suit your business, or even specific tasks. New advancements in scanning document include:

Scan to Email

Scanning a document into your system and routing directly to an email saves an extra step in a proposed workflow. This is important as it starts building a particular workflow efficiently and eliminates the need for extra work.

Scan to File

When you scan a document, you have a certain destination in mind. Scan to file allows you to send a document directly to its intended destination, eliminating the common step in between of retrieving the document from a scan folder and relocating it.

Turn your physical documents into digital versions that are easily storable, findable, and retrievable with a document management system.

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