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Your office’s network is essential to your company’s entire operation. Office communication, both internal and external, relies on a network that is able to run smoothly and efficiently. Your office network also ensures your systems are backed up, up to date, and monitored for security purposes. Managed network services have the ability to become a part of your office and contribute to your overall productivity. With increased productivity comes the chance to help the bottom line in the long run.


  • User support – Users have access to 20+ live-answer technicians via our NOC (network operations center)
  • Workstation support – Monitoring and proactively addressing AV status, memory and disk management, patches and security updates
  • Server support – All servers are monitored and incidents remediated via an automated ticketing system. Problems addressed before they cause downtime.
  • Data Backup and Recovery – Redundant backup of your business-critical data
  • Network Protection – Encompassed network protection with an actively managed Unified Threat Management system
  • Managed Email – Monitored and protected mailboxes for workers
  • Vendor Management – Communication with other technology providers will be mediated by our team to ensure issues are addressed efficiently

As a company grows, so does the need for an increased watch over its network. This is often a hard undertaking for businesses that handle everything in-house. That is why outsourcing to a reliable third party is attractive to some business owners. Our experts are able to provide assistance and make the proper recommendation based on your specific network needs.

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