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Why use Seat Based Billing?

Are you looking for a managed printing solution that allows you to accurately budget for your printing each month? With traditional Cost per Page agreements, overages could be unpredictable, making budgeting a nightmare. But not with Seat Based Billing, or SBB for managed print!

Seat Based Billing uses a flat monthly fee per end-user for your office’s copying, printing, supplies, and support for all enabled print devices, allowing 100% budgetability. This simplified system can benefit your business and save money right from the start.

How does Seat Based Billing work?

  • 100% budgetable with a single monthly cost based on number of users
  • No print overages
  • Consultative approach to print workflow
  • Guaranteed Savings!

This approach is achieved by focusing on who is printing, what they are printing, and why they are printing, instead of how just how much they are printing from a specific print device.

Watch the videos below for more information about how Seat Based Billing can improve your workflow, document security, and offer guaranteed savings.

100% Accountability from Seat-Based Billing

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Print Audit Insights

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